About Membrila Insurance Services

About Membrila Insurance Services

Membrila Insurance Services Inc. is a three generation family owned and operated corporation with over 50 years of experience. Having it’s roots in Orange County dating back to the late 1950′s the Membrila Family has seen it’s fair share of growth not only in Orange County but also Southern California. From Los Angeles, Riverside, San Bernardino, San Diego, and of course Orange County Membrila Insurance Services Inc. is Now and will be here for years to come servicing the community with all their insurance needs.

Manny Membrila- Founder and President

Started in the insurance business over 40 years ago.
Manny is an avid golfer and mostly retired. Well, moslty hiding at the office from Marge’s honey do list.

Frank Membrila- Vice President

Manny’s second born turns 60 this year.
Joined Manny in the insurance business in the mid 1980′s
Co-Founded Membrila Insurance Services Inc. in 1991.
Supportive Grandfather to his two grandson’s Mateo & Daniel.
Singing the standards is his passion. Ask him and he’ll sing to you too when he’s not croonnig his wife Liz.

Ruly Membrila- Agent

Oldest of Manny’s children, therefore he is the # 1 son.
Came aboard in the late 1990′s
Married to Alyssa and has three children.
Blake, the oldest will be getting married this summer in Chicago. Ruly is looking forward to holding his first grandchild.
Brenna and Maddy, his two daughters, will be a Junior and Freshman respectively at Orange Lutheran High School.
An old handball player looking for one more kill shot.

Eric Membrila- Agent

Manny’s eldest grandchild and only child of Frank.
Joined the family business in December of 1998.
Will be married 10 years in October.
Eric and Chi have two boys Mateo 7, and Daniel 4.
Currently coaches youth sports and doesn’t golf as much as he’d like.